Kind Words


"I didn't really know a ton about coaching, but she walked me through the process and it ended up being a really unique experience. She listened to me talk through some goals I was working toward, helped me come up with an achievable vision that played on my strengths, and provided support and accountability during the process to keep me on track. She is such an incredibly gentle and supportive listener who brings great energy to the whole process, and I really can't rave enough about her work as a coach.” 


"As the person who got to be her first client, I can attest to this service being extremely helpful and healing. I had one session with Hannah where I discussed a few things I wanted to get done, and because I had our conversation in the back of my head, it led me to get something done that I have put off for over 7 months! She's the best person ever if you need a confidence boost."


Featured in the New Orleans Advocate article "Step by Step: Life Coaches Specialize in Connecting People and Goals"