About Me


      Born and raised in Northern California, I relocated to New Orleans in January of 2017, and have loved settling into this hot, sticky, and absolutely magical town.  I got into coaching to help people in a way that felt beautifully suited to who I am as a person, and I love being able to draw from my past experiences to better help my clients.  Back in California, I worked in the foster care system in a group home for teens, facilitating day-to-day life in all its ups and downs. Watching these incredible young people face their fears, release their pasts, and begin to bravely navigate their futures as adults was nothing short of amazing, and it instilled a deep belief in me that we all deserve to have (and can achieve!) the life we truly want.   I also strongly believe in creating accessibility to all kinds of mental and emotional health services, which is why it’s extremely important to me to offer a sliding scale to my clients.

         In my spare time, I enjoy biking around my neighborhood, finding ways to get into nature, seeing live music, going on road trips, and reading new books (or maybe just rereading Harry Potter).